Proudly present: Galaxy Update 1.1!

We’re very proud to announce the Galaxy Update, the first major patch for GoD Factory: Wingmen. We’ve listened to players and added features that were highly requested: new maps, better support for complex joysticks and even match reconnection! The patch will be available for free to everyone who bought the game.


The main feature of the patch are the new maps, which each have unique gameplay features. This post will focus on the maps in question.

I’ll start with the visual revamp of the old map, which is now known as the Astral Forest. It now has a richer palette of greens, which also distinguishes it from the ice-themed map.


The Ice Quarry map features capturable Recharge Stations which regenerate your Shield when you are in a station’s proximity.


The Magma Battlefield map features capturable Plasma Emitters which, after being captured, create a fiery zone which damages enemy ships.


The Krier Shipyard map features a network of Gates which catapults your gunship around the battlefield.


The update will be released the 14th of November, next week!

Dev blog from the sound designer on GoD Factory: Wingmen

I’ve asked Simon Lacroix of Silverjack Studio if he wanted to share a bit about his experience on working on GoD Factory: Wingmen. Here’s what he had to say:

We had the chance to create the sound environment with the Nine Dots Studio team on their GoD Factory project.

In order to create the sound effects for GoD Factory, we wanted it to have a unique color and personality: a futuristic feel with a mix of metal, mechanical and organic.

We first started by conceiving the sound database from which we would choose to make every sound effect of the game. To do this, we made various recordings. We went to a train platforms to record metal rustling and impact made by wagons colliding against one another. We have several studio recordings of metal-to-metal sound from various objects. To add a more organic and vibrant texture, we took many recordings of human growls and screams.

Then, in order to create more specific sounds futuristic with a good loudness, we processed every sound recording by modifying its frequencies, pitch and modulations. We then edited every sound needed to the gameplay and the game interactions.

There are many weapons, species and abilities in GoD Factory. It was important to be able to feel every personality and to differentiate them. For this to happen, we took the time to find the tone that suited them best to make them all recognizable.

To make it all alive, we integrated the sounds with Fmod. Every sound was then adjusted to the game environment. Subsequently, we had to develop a system that could allow us to automatically modify the game’s sound environment. This way, we could feel the indoor atmosphere of the ships, which is of course very different than the outdoor atmosphere.

For us God Factory was a very good experience carried out with a wonderful team.

Note from Guillaume: Working with Silverjack Studio was a real charm. Simon and Karol-Ann were efficient, creative and dedicated to their craft. I would recommend them to any other studio looking for the right team to contribute to the audio dimension on their project.

Whatchoo’ playin #4

Since we have been very busy lately, we skipped some Whatchoo Playin’ segments in the last few weeks.
So here’s what the team was up to recently:

First of all, being hardcore gamers, we of course kept playing other games even though we were very busy with the launch of the game approaching. But this will simply give us content to talk about in our future installments of Whatchoo Playin’.

Recently, in fact, we’ve been playing a lot of GoD Factory: Wingmen of course!
The game being more polished than it has ever been is making us want to play it even more. So on top of playtesting and balancing like crazy, we often find ourselves playing for fun or testing our gunship builds against bots in our evenings as well. That’s how compelling the game has become: it’s now both our work AND our pastime!

We are looking forward to play GoD Factory with the players when the game is out this Friday, so look for the Devs, we’ll be the guys with the [DEV] before our name.

You can watch our stream next tuesday September the 2nd (at noon EAST) on our Twitch channel:

game designer at Nine Dots.

GoD Factory: Wingmen is out!

The title says it all. After years of work, we’re finally releasing the game on the market. Here’s what Steam’S front page looks like at the moment ;)


Click here to get on the store page.

Have fun!

What does it cost to run Nine Dots?

I wrote a piece about the costs of starting your own game studio for Polygon and it just went live. If you want all the crunchy details, financial or otherwise, I invite you to read it. A little share can’t hurt either ;)


– Guillaume

Steam Achievements and Squad System

GoD Factory: Wingmen is almost complete and we’re now mostly doing finishing touches, such as the Steam Achievements and the system to be able to play is pre-made teams, or squads.

Rather than just put achievements for the sake of it, we decided to make them matter a little more by associating them with in-game rewards. Every achievement you unlock will grant you credits and a new color or sheen to apply to your ship. We have over 40 achievements, with varying degree of difficulty. We’re using those also to train the player and to show him different tactics and abilities.

The squad system has always been something important to have but which always got pushed away in development in favor of issues more directly related to gameplay. Now we finally got around to making it. Essentially, it’s just a way to say tag your friends and say “I play with them and we stay together” and when the squad leader enters a game or leaves one, his team will follow.

With these two things out of the way, there is little more left to do than menu sounds, debugging and polishing.

Oh and on another note, tonight we’re going to play a game of Guns of Icarue Online against the devs! It will be on our twitch channel at 8pm Eastern Times.

This is what their game is about.

This is what their game is about.

Whachoo’playin #3

Hi everyone! We realized that our Whachoo’playin posts were rather long, so from now on we will alternate between 3-4 devs sharing their experiences instead of having everyone on board every time. It’s also a little more scalable should we expand our team in the future.

Rock Mercier
This last weekend was the EVO, which is the biggest event of the year on the fighting game scene. I love the competitive level of those games and although I’m a big fan of the Street Fighter series, I always check the other titles as well, even if I know less about them. Every game is amazing to watch when the best players in the world are gathered to play it. Seeing all the crazy stuff pro players actually pull off in desperation of turning the tide and ultimately win their sets is exciting; there’s always a lot of surprising results and tensions. I strongly suggest following this event if you like competitive gaming (you can find EVO videos on YouTube pretty easily). It is also very well commentated; you will learn the game terms and the slang of fighting games just by watching. Have fun!

Pier-Luc Tremblay
Two weeks a ago, I ended up buying Mario Kart 8 to play with my girlfriend. I ended up bringing my Wii U at the studio to play with my coworkers during our dinner break. I hadn’t played a Mario Kart since the 64 version. I have to confess that I’m not a huge fan of any Mario game (except for Smash Bros.), but I had a lot of fun playing this one and completing cups since you can do them in splitscreen with up to 4 players. If any of the 4 players gets enough points to be first, you get a new character. So we where basically playing coop with friendly fire, it was hilarious.

Pascal Maltais
This week the game I’ve played most is an MMORPG named Rift. It is yet another game I can play with my girlfriend. Rift has a lot in common with World of Warcraft but these are the differences I noted:
– Free to play
– Better graphics
– A Bard class <3
– Unfortunately, less species to choose from (and all human looking)
– The awesome customisable classes (you may choose a pre-made class that you can modify or create your own)

Other than Rift, since I finished the Portal 1, I've started to play Portal 2 in co-op which is really great :)


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