We’ve reached beta!

After almost two years of work, we’ve finally attained our beta milestone. This means that we’ve fully implemented pretty much every feature we planned for the game and now all that is left to do is to polish the game, add feedback and tweaks and minor modifications (except sound effects and music, which we’ll hire someone to do as soon as we receive funds (more on that in a future update).

Here’s an incomplete list of stuff we added to the game since the last build we made playable during our kickstarter campaign:

New Traits
– Bubbles
– Auras (and Negative Auras)

We’ve added new type of traits that are more beneficial for the whole group. These can have two forms: bubbles or auras. Auras are traits that affect all your allies in a radius surrounding your ship, while bubbles are areas that stay where it was triggered, and any ally flying through it will get the bonus from the trait.

Species Abilities
– Guantri Switches
– Ar Teleports
– Chorion Barriers
– Human Decoy

The species abilities were pretty bare bones before. Humans only had decoys that would fly straight, now they have a wide range of behaviors available. You can send a decoy that tails a target, or a decoy that mirrors your action on the X Axis, or even a decoy that you control manually, in a similar fashion to redeemer missiles in Unreal Tournament.

The Chorion barriers also got a lot of new versions, such as a barrier that can be burst into a large beam sent straight forward, damaging anything in its way. There are also barriers that induce negative effects when they explode, or barriers that increase the stats of every ship surrounding them.

Guantris and Ars already had a little more variety, but we added some new variations for both of them as well. For instance, the Ars got teleportation abilities that bring them behind the closest enemy, and Guantris got switches that increase in power every time you use them, for the whole duration of the match.

– Optimization program
– Stealth System
– Hacking bots
– Sentries

Optimization programs that grants boosts to both you and your allies, Hacking bots induce negative effects on enemies, stealth systems allows you to become invisible and undetectable on radar or minimap and Sentries are turrets that fire at any target in their sight.

– Chain Attack Weapons
– Mines
– Satellite Weapons
– Team Assault
– Special Weapons
– Mini
– Lashing Star
– Ares
– Seekers
– Chakram

Tons of new stuff here. Chain attacks bounce between targets, mines are left behind and explode on passing enemies, Satellite weapons attack from outside the battlefield, team assualt are weapons that increase in power when you are close to your allies. The special weapons have unique behaviors. The mini is a miniature version of the carrier cannon that needs to be charged for a while before you can shoot (like a charged-up shot from the Mega Buster in Mega Man!). The lashing star is an energy orb that attacks anything getting close to it during its trajectory. Seekers are missiles fired forward that homes in on targets without having to lock-on by yourself, Ares fires SIXTEEN missiles at once and they split among different targets when they can. The Chakram is shoots these huge electrical buzzsaws at the target in weird arcs.

FXs and other eye candy
– New FXs for most abilities.
– More FX for Weapons
– Destroyed core instead of just a hole
– Cutscene when entering/leaving dock

The game simply looks much better now that we have unique FX for pretty much every abilities and weapons. It really reinforce their identity and make them easier to recognize for others as well. Also, now when you destroy the core from the inside of the carrier, it leaves a huge, gaping hole in the rear. Finally, you no longer just appear suddenly in the dock when near the area, you get at least a nice fade out after seeing your ship fly inside.

Progression System
– Shop
– Part and Player Leveling
– Player Stats Tracking

That part is so important. Now we have a persistent leveling system. It means that whenever you complete a match, you earn exp points and credits to unlock and buy new ship parts. You also increase in rank as you go along, giving access to more and more content and preventing the player from being overloaded with too much different pieces to take into consideration when you assemble your first ships.

– New Lobby Chat and game chat
– Option Menu
– Crew Quarters (For Player Stats Tracking Display)

The new lobby and game chats are much more functional than before, along with being prettier to look at. You can do many more things in the option menu now, especially grant more control to those who like tweaking their graphic options to get the perfect balance between looks and performance. We also added the Crew Quarters stuff, meaning that you can track your stats. You want to know how much damage you did total? How many times you died? How many times you won? These are all tracked persistently along with many more.

Other stuff
– Steam integration
– Tons of stat changes

The game is now ready to run on Steam, aside from a few things we need to add such as trading cards and other more advanced features. We also spent a lot of brain juice on balancing everything. There’s so much content and obviously it will be an evolving process. The game won’t be perfectly balanced at launch (but we’ll do what we can to get as close to it as possible). One very interesting part is that now the resistance to different damage attributes vary a lot more. For instance, quicker ship will be less resilient to detonation, while perforation will be a more reliable damage type. Chorions are naturally more resistant to ignition given their nature, while Ar ships are more resistant to distortion given their ability to teleport.

We can’t wait to let you try the game and hear your thoughts. We’ve worked really hard, made no compromise on quality and we’re getting closer than ever to a finished product.

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  1. Guys… Amazing work :D! Can’t wait!

    • hohlmann
    • January 24th, 2014

    So pumped!!!

    • M Wilson
    • February 1st, 2014

    Guys, cross-post this news to your Steam Greenlight page – I went there to check on the progress and I thought maybe the project was dead, your last ‘recent announcement’ was in mid-October!

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