In GoD Factory: Wingmen, you get rewards for being useful

We’ve been talking a lot about the implementation of the progression system. It’s something we’ve been keeping almost for last in development, yet something that always has been a major part of what makes GoD Factory different from most multiplayer games. While most games will only track victory/loss, Kill/Death ratios along with assists and direct contribution to the main objective, we wanted to make sure a supporting class would get as much rewards as the player that does all the killing blows. We’re not pretending that we’re the only ones doing this, of course. We think we came up with a rather satisfying solution nonetheless.


So here’s a breakdown of everything that will score points for the player at the end of a match:

For completing a match: 500
For being in the winning team: 200
For every Integrity points left to your Carrier: 50 per point
For every Carrier objectives destroyed by your team: 50 per part destroyed
If both of your gunships survived: 100
For every carrier turret you destroyed: 15
For every enemy gunship destroyed: 10
For causing damage to a carrier part: 1 for every 40 damage
For causing damage to a gunship: 1 for every 25 damage
For every combo made with other players: combo level x2
For buffing the other players in your team: 1 per 10 seconds spent buffing others
For recharging allies’ shield points: 1 for every 5 points recharged (your own shield doesn’t count)
For recharging allies’ ammunition: 1 for every 10% points recharged (your own ammo doesn’t count)
For recharging allies’ energy points: 1 for every 15 points recharged (your own energy doesn’t count)
For using Support abilities not affected by other means: 5 for every use
For inflicting a negative effect: 5 points
For sharing your gunships with another player (for each player): 25

Score is then used to determine how much Mastery Points you earned for your currently equipped parts as well as how many credits you earned to buy new parts. Credits are also halved when you lose, providing an extra incentive to work for your victory ;)

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