Whachoo’playin #3

Hi everyone! We realized that our Whachoo’playin posts were rather long, so from now on we will alternate between 3-4 devs sharing their experiences instead of having everyone on board every time. It’s also a little more scalable should we expand our team in the future.

Rock Mercier
This last weekend was the EVO, which is the biggest event of the year on the fighting game scene. I love the competitive level of those games and although I’m a big fan of the Street Fighter series, I always check the other titles as well, even if I know less about them. Every game is amazing to watch when the best players in the world are gathered to play it. Seeing all the crazy stuff pro players actually pull off in desperation of turning the tide and ultimately win their sets is exciting; there’s always a lot of surprising results and tensions. I strongly suggest following this event if you like competitive gaming (you can find EVO videos on YouTube pretty easily). It is also very well commentated; you will learn the game terms and the slang of fighting games just by watching. Have fun!

Pier-Luc Tremblay
Two weeks a ago, I ended up buying Mario Kart 8 to play with my girlfriend. I ended up bringing my Wii U at the studio to play with my coworkers during our dinner break. I hadn’t played a Mario Kart since the 64 version. I have to confess that I’m not a huge fan of any Mario game (except for Smash Bros.), but I had a lot of fun playing this one and completing cups since you can do them in splitscreen with up to 4 players. If any of the 4 players gets enough points to be first, you get a new character. So we where basically playing coop with friendly fire, it was hilarious.

Pascal Maltais
This week the game I’ve played most is an MMORPG named Rift. It is yet another game I can play with my girlfriend. Rift has a lot in common with World of Warcraft but these are the differences I noted:
– Free to play
– Better graphics
– A Bard class <3
– Unfortunately, less species to choose from (and all human looking)
– The awesome customisable classes (you may choose a pre-made class that you can modify or create your own)

Other than Rift, since I finished the Portal 1, I've started to play Portal 2 in co-op which is really great :)

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