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PAX East, our convention adventure!


Last week’s Friday to Sunday was PAX East, and we guys at Nine Dots Studio were there!

After a long eventful road to get to Boston and setting up the booth, we were impatient to show GoD Factory: Wingmen to an insane amount of gamers and important press members alike.

Lined Up


When people looked at the game’s trailer on the big screen, they were enthralled by the graphics; when they experienced it, they were amazed by the game’s feel; and when they continued talking to us afterwards, they were astonished by how much customization and lore the game contains.

Booth Top View

All of this put together made a lot of people play multiple matches, waiting for their turn to play with the Oculus Rift before leaving our booth.

Crazy CrowdJessy Cox

Here’s a picture of the lineup at the doors’ opening friday, and also a visit from the well-known youtuber Jesse Cox!

We really liked our experience and all the positive things that transpired from it.

This Thursday, I’ll show you a small video of the newfangled special effects that are behind your gunships.  Changing your Power Core changes the color of your trails and changing the Thruster of your Ship gives a unique FX to your trails. Spinning, fiery or plain weird, these FXs will give personality and expressiveness to the ships you create.

I’m also creating new palettes and glows to be added on the players’ gunships.  I’m adding a Tiger pattern, a Harlequin pattern and a host of green, purple and multicolored glows.

Peace out.

Finally we can announce it: Namco is our new partner!

Great news today!

It was finally announced publicly that we will be partnering up with Bandai Namco for GoD Factory: Wingmen!


Since November last year, we’ve been in ongoing negotiations with publishers. While we wished we could have done everything by ourselves, we were lacking the funds to guarantee that GoD Factory: Wingmen would live up to the vision we had for it.

I’ve been vocal about my reluctance regarding publishers. I still think that the best route, when it is possible, is to self-publish to ensure that the developers are reaping the rewards of their work. However, what we’ve learned throughout the years is that it’s much easier to be independent when you already have a following behind you. To build a large enough community to support a company takes time, dedication and a bit of luck. We want GoD Factory to reach its audience, and clearly we didn’t have the tools for that, as demonstrated by our kickstarter campaigns. Dealing with a publisher was thus the most viable option to both get the funds to finish the game and reach the audience that would be interested in it.

We’ve declined offers for which we didn’t like the terms, even when large amounts of cash were on the table. The deal we came up with Bandai Namco, quite frankly, what we imagined as a best case scenario. They’ve even shown some great support to our cause to reduce crunch time and other bad management practices and tailored part of the agreement around that. We made sure that we were in a win-win situation and ultimately, the biggest winners are our players. We won’t need to go through early access on Steam to reach a polished version of the game. We will have much better means to populate our servers and ensure you have a large user base to play with. We’ll have better means to offer customer support if something goes wrong. The game will get tested by a professional QA department before you get your hands on the finished product.

I wouldn’t have imagined that I would have signed a deal with such a behemoth when I founded the studio three years ago, but I’m very excited by this turn of events and can’t wait to see what’s next for Nine Dots Studio.

Coming up soon: announcement regarding the public beta ;)

GoD Factory: Wingmen is nominated for the Selected Projects of Game Connection

GoD Factory: Wingmen has been nominated for the category “Console & PC Hardcore” of the Selected Projects of Game Connection America 2014.


Here’s the press release in full from Game Connection:

Arblos: WIP Cockpit View

Here’s an unfinished version of an alien cockpit. These Plant-like aliens pilot their ships directly through a neural interface.

We’ve added more polygons to this cockpit, as we’re preparing to ramp up the visual quality for the next game.



FWI: The species formerly known as Ar is rechristened Arblos. It will make grammar less awkward:

The Ar are an alien species… hmm


Peace out.

The Drone and his friend, the other Drone!

Hi again, we’ve recently implemented a cool new feature in GoD Factory, the double drone.


In earlier builds of the game, when both of ships died, you were stuck with a crummy replacement, the Drone. In our playtest, we had several issues with this: you cannot switch between your two ships (one of the unique mechanics of our game) and when you only had one injured ship left, it was tempting to sacrifice it to get a full health drone. Obviously, if destroying your own ship is an attractive option, we were doing something wrong! (unless we’re talking about an ultimate end-game kamikaze attack, of course!)


We now replace a destroyed ship with a Drone of its species. This adds diversity to the game, as you’re no longer stuck with one choice. It also lets a canny player launch with his drone while his last good ship regenerates in the dock.

We’ve also added the final visuals of the human drone. It was made to look pre-fabricated and lame, but with a unique appearance. The other drones are still being designs by our lead artist.

Human Drone

Peace out!

Guantri Cockpit WIP

Here is an image of the model for the Guantri Cockpit. We’ve taken care of planning to include a different first person view for each of our four species, thought we’ve only done tow of them as of now.


The Guantris’ first person cockpits retain their ship’s graceful curves and emphasis on light.

This is a work in progress and the final version will have all the essential info, such as your ship’s shield, ammunition and special tech abilities. It’ll also benefit from advanced shading and post-processing.


Peace out.

Changing to progressive speed

After much deliberation, we decided to change from the Slow, Medium and Fast speed we’re using right now to a more fluid and progressive speed system. Holding the speed up button will progressively increase your speed until you reach your max and the speed up to lower your speed until you reach the minimum. So in short, it will be much more like other games out there.

There were many reasons for that change. The first one is that we want to make a game that is a little closer to flight simulators and a better fit for joysticks. Since joysticks have a throttle, it was just natural to have speed work this way.

Another reason was that in some contexts, it was disadvantageous to be faster than your opponent, because you were either going too fast and flying right past them or too slow and watching them fly away, forcing the player to toggle constantly between speeds to tail their adversaries. Having a progressive speed solves this issue by making it much easier to match your target’s speed.

There are a few disadvantages, such as making it a little harder to know what’s your ship’s middle speed. It matters because the ratio of energy recharged versus the ship’s speed is most efficient at medium speed. There are a few tweaks we can do to alleviate this however.

So that’s it regarding our speed change. Once we open up a public beta you’ll be able to see these changes by yourselves, which shouldn’t be in too long now.

The carrier forcefields

So far we’ve been playing with a version of the game where the only forcefield protecting the carrier would block the way to the core room. We’ve decided to add a little more protection to the carriers, by adding forcefields to protect some vulnerable points of the carrier.

GODFWingmen 2014-02-06 14-40-37-66

In most cases, the force fields aren’t completely blocking access to the part, only shielding them from certain angles, as seen for the Repair Station and Ammo Depot:

GODFWingmen 2014-02-06 14-41-05-19

GODFWingmen 2014-02-06 14-41-48-79

The cannon, however, is entirely enveloped in a forcefield, but it comes off when it is about to fire, creating short windows of opportunity to take it down every few minutes.

GODFWingmen 2014-02-06 14-40-45-97

GODFWingmen 2014-02-06 14-59-49-92

Vanity items: Customize how your ships look even more!

We’ve focused first and foremost on developing the ship parts that directly affect gameplay. Your wings, your weapons, your computers, your power generator all have a unique look and stats, but we want to give a little extra to add purely cosmetic attachment to your ships. These are called the vanity items. These will be obtainable in two ways: some are available by completing some achievements, while others will be available via paid transactions.

Vanity items will have both serious and joke items. Here are some examples:





Also, we’ve got a concept of a mechanical bird that follows you around:



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